England Euro Knockout Stages

Should England progress I will look at the following options:

28th June – R16 – Copenhagen – 6pm Kick Off – I am considering booking a flight to Hamburg as a precaution as their are train and regular bus options to Copenhagen. Currently I have a quote for a private return coach (match day transfer) from Hamburg to Copenhagen which is approx £45 per person including coach and ferry. As their is a short space between games it may be difficult to book this option but if I can secure it I will. As I say, as back up their are trains, buses and probably a flight but my intention is at least a minibus or coach if available

3rd July – QF – Rome – 9pm Kick Off – I am looking at a return coach from Bologna picking up en route in Florence. I would look to leave Bologna approx 9am and return straight after the game.

2nd July – QF – St Petersburg – 6pm Kick Off – Details TBC however I am looking at a coach from either Tallinn or Helsinki. For the World Cup in 2018 I had provisional coaches from Tallinn for approx £30 return. Currently the flights are better to Helsinki so I will be getting quotes.