Match Day Coach – Tirana To Prishtina – Kosovo v England – £23

Match Day Coach – Tirana to Prishtina – Kosovo v England – 17.11.19

10.00am – Depart Tirana
2.00pm (approx) – arrive Prishtina

Return Journey following the game. Coach will drop at airport on the way back. I am aware there is a flight arriving on the day of the game at 10.15am however at this point there is no plan to take in fans arriving on this flight. If it was guaranteed the flight arrived on time and fans were through customs at 10.45am it is something I could consider however I can not risk a delayed flight. If there were a number of fans arriving on this flight please get in touch and it is possible I could put on a second coach or perhaps a minibus.

Please note if the game is arranged at one of the other venues such as Shkoder I will arrange coach times accordingly to get to the venue