England v Serbia – 16th June 2024 – KO 21.00 hrs – Match Day Coach From Eindhoven

Currently 2 flights land on the day of the game (Ryanair from Stansted) at 08.20 hrs and 08.50 hrs that I intend to take in for first pick up.

Unfortunately coach companies as expected are taking advantage with prices. I have got a bums on seat price of £49 return. Anyone getting on at Venlo I can charge £44 (not much cheaper but I can not gamble just in case everyone gets on there) As for a one way price I can do £25 single journey as long as someone wants the opposite way. If nobody wants an opposite journey you can pay the Venlo price and then should I get an opposite way request I will refund the difference

Itinerary – Sunday June 16th

Outward Journey

09.30 hrs – Depart Eindhoven Airport
10.00 hrs –  Depart Holiday Inn, Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1, Eindhoven
11.00 hrs – Depart Venlo Stationsplein 1, 5913 AA Venlo (Venlo Train Station)
12.30 hrs – Arrive Gelsenkirchen

Currently we have no information on parking, however nearer the time we should be allocated a parking permit from UEFA!

Return Journey

23.30 hrs (approx. based on how long we could be kept in)
01.00 hrs – Arrive back in Venlo
02.00 hrs – Arrive back in Eindhoven
02.30 hrs – Arrive back at Eindhoven airport